About Me

Hi! I’m Poppy Grady. Thanks for stopping by. 

I live at the shore in the little state of Rhode Island, USA. That’s in New England (northeast) if you’re not familiar. I grew up on the Jersey shore and have always been drawn to all things coastal.

I have an adorable little cottage just steps from a marina. Well, adorable is relative. It definitely has projects to do, but huge potential!  I’ll be happy to post many pictures as I go. 

I’m hoping to capture the coastal vibe for anyone who already lives near the coast and still can’t get enough of it (like myself), or for anyone living elsewhere who likes to be shown coastal things when they can’t be near one, because frankly, if you asked me any questions about farming, I’d have absolutely no idea.

For instance, what’s with all the hay? Why are we baling it and what’s it for? I use hay to sit a pumpkin on every fall, and I think horses like it. But I’ve no idea what all the to-do about hay is. And I thought, if I’m this ignorant about farming, I’ll bet there are people in the mid-west who have questions about coastal life. Maybe we can swap notes. (Footnote: I had to look up whether or not it was spelled bale or bail. So, you’re welcome for not completely butchering it and yeah, pretty sad, huh?)

Last but certainly not least, I’m a single mom to a boy who keeps me on my toes. Life is busy, but you’re always on vacation when you live at the beach!